While different kinds of braces have become available to dental patients, recently, ceramic braces have been gaining popularity. Of course, ceramic braces, like all others, have advantages and disadvantages.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of ceramic braces.


While ceramic braces offer many benefits, here are the most important ones for a dental patient.

Less Visible

The lack of visibility is one of the biggest selling points of ceramic braces. The brackets on the braces can be clear, white, or tooth-coloured. Because they come in different shades of white, you can surely find braces that match your natural tooth colour.


To make the appearance of ceramic braces even more subtle and understated, some dentists use clear, translucent wiring that blends in with the teeth.


There are two ways ceramic braces are safer for a dental patient. First, it lowers your chances of an allergic reaction to the braces. Ceramics isn’t known to create contact dermatitis, unlike nickel, another material typically found in braces.

Second, ceramics protect your health by preventing plaque accumulation on the teeth. Plaque is colourless, but it contains bacteria that can threaten your dental health in the long run.

More Effective Than Aligners

While aligners are simpler to use, they can be less effective. Ceramic braces take 18 to 36 months to achieve teeth alignment, while aligners take double the time, even with less severe corrections.

Furthermore, depending on the misalignments of your teeth that need corrections, aligners might not even be applicable. So, if you have more severe misalignment or malocclusion, ceramic braces are your ideal choice.


Like other types of braces, ceramic braces have their flaws, which you should also consider before making a decision.


Because they are made of ceramics, the brackets have to be bigger, which makes them bulky and uncomfortable for some people. Aside from the discomfort, ceramic braces can negatively affect your gums.

It takes more effort to clean around them, which causes inflamed and receding gum lines.

The bulkiness of the ceramic braces can also make chewing difficult which can negatively affect your day-to-day life.

Less Durable

Ceramics are much more fragile than metal. Opting for ceramic braces exposes you to potential brace fractures and breaks, which will take time and money to repair.

If you are an active person that is constantly on the move and enjoys sports, you probably shouldn’t choose ceramic braces. They will chip and crack more quickly and may even damage your teeth in the process.

Get Top-notch Ceramic Braces in Notting Hill

Ceramic braces are undoubtedly one of the best options that the dental world has to offer. They are subtle and effective, but installing and maintaining them requires significant expertise.

That is why you should turn to experienced professionals like Kai Dental to provide high-quality ceramic braces in Notting Hill. We’ll ensure your braces are installed perfectly and maintained with the care you deserve.

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