What To Expect During Your Appointment

If you choose Enlighten™ Evolution as your teeth whitening treatment, you will have impressions taken. These impressions are sent to the Enlighten™ state-of-art laboratory so your bespoke bleaching trays can be fabricated.

While you are waiting for your whitening trays, you will use Enlighten’s tooth serum twice a day instead of your regular toothpaste. This toothpaste contains 97% hydroxyapatite (HAP), the same material that makes up tooth enamel. This serum will protect your teeth and reduce sensitivity as well as improve the whitening effect.

Once you receive your whitening trays, use the treatment at home every night for two weeks. Continue to use the tooth serum. It works to repair tiny holes in the surface of the tooth to reduce sensitivity while providing a glossy lustre to your newly whitened teeth.

After two weeks, you will return to our surgery for a 40-minute treatment to boost the colour and ensure the whitening is even and natural looking.

If you would like further information, click here or request an appointment by calling 020 7229 4033.

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