A toothache, often described as a dull throb or sharp pain, is an unmistakable sign that something is amiss. At Kai Dental, we’re committed to diagnosing and alleviating the root causes of dental discomfort, ensuring you regain your radiant smile.



Causes and presentation of Toothache

Toothaches have myriad causes, making them particularly challenging. Whether it’s cavities, gum disease, exposed tooth roots, fractured teeth, or impacted teeth, the pain can manifest differently. Some might experience continuous pain, while others feel discomfort only when pressure is applied.

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What problems can Toothache lead to?

Left unchecked, what begins as minor discomfort can escalate, possibly leading to abscesses, infections, and even systemic complications.

A persistent toothache may also interfere with daily tasks, affecting eating, speaking, and overall quality of life.

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Professional dentistry

How do we fix Toothache?

Kai Dental adopts a holistic approach. After a thorough assessment, treatment can range from fillings, root canal therapy, to more intensive surgical procedures for complex cases. Our goal is to treat the underlying cause, not just the symptom, ensuring long-term oral health.

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We are Kai Dental

Treatment Spotlight

The Academy

Develop a passion for learning, if you do you’ll never cease to grow

The spirit of continued development inspired Jeet to set up Kai Academy, an online training academy for dentists who wish to develop and improve their own skills in Invisalign and fixed orthodontics.

Having trained at the prestigious Royal London Hospital for his postgraduate specialist training, he went on to attend courses by world renowned speakers to stay at the cutting edge of orthodontics. After a decade of experience in the field, he set up Kai Academy to pass on his wealthy of knowledge to other clinicians across the country.

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