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Based on your bite impressions, customised aligners are developed. Multiple sets are used during treatment. At each stage, they are altered to accommodate the resulting progress.

The aligners apply the optimum amount of pressure in the required places, causing the teeth to progressively drift into position. With Invisalign™, realignment occurs gradually, with controlled movements. The movement can be horizontal, vertical, and in some cases, even a complete rotation.

Being nearly invisible, Invisalign™ enables you to correct the misalignment in your teeth in a virtually unnoticeable manner. They are fully removable, allowing you to retain your regular brushing and flossing techniques, resulting in better oral health. The detachable feature also reduces the restrictions on consumption of food products during the treatment. Their custom manufacturing and patented material make them beneficial to soft tissues.

To schedule an initial assessment of your teeth for Invisalign™, consult our Notting Hill dental team today.

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