Receding gums not only affect one’s aesthetic appeal but are indicative of underlying dental issues. At Kai Dental, we offer solutions tailored to halt its progression and restore gum health.

Receding Gums


Causes and presentation of Receding Gums

Gum recession can arise from aggressive brushing, gum disease, or even genetic predisposition. As gums recede, the tooth’s root becomes exposed, leading to heightened sensitivity.

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Receding Gums

What problems can Receding Gums lead to?

Beyond sensitivity, the exposed tooth is more susceptible to decay, infection, or even loss.

Aesthetically, it may cause teeth to appear elongated, impacting one’s smile.

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Receding Gums

Professional dentistry

How do we fix Receding Gums?

Kai Dental recommends targeted treatments ranging from scaling and root planing, gum grafts, to even surgical treatments. Emphasis on proper oral care routines is integral.

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Treatment Spotlight

The Academy

Develop a passion for learning, if you do you’ll never cease to grow

The spirit of continued development inspired Jeet to set up Kai Academy, an online training academy for dentists who wish to develop and improve their own skills in Invisalign and fixed orthodontics.

Having trained at the prestigious Royal London Hospital for his postgraduate specialist training, he went on to attend courses by world renowned speakers to stay at the cutting edge of orthodontics. After a decade of experience in the field, he set up Kai Academy to pass on his wealthy of knowledge to other clinicians across the country.

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