Lockdown Dental Hygiene

April 27/04/2020

Excellent dental hygiene is critical during the lockdown, particularly as all routine dental treatment has been ceased across the UK. Use our tips below to make sure you teeth stay as clean as possible during this time.

Top 10 Dental Hygiene Tips For the Lockdown

  1. Brushing technique – now is a great time to take a look at your brushing technique to make sure you are keeping both your teeth and gums as clean as possible. You want to be brushing for around 2 minutes each time you brush. A great video on how to do this is available here:
  2. Brushing Frequency – try make sure you are brushing your teeth at least twice a day, or three times a day if you have a fixed brace. The most important time to do this is at night, just before bed.
  3. Brushing in the morning – If you regularly have an acidic drink such as fruit juice at breakfast, try to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing to avoid any damage to your teeth. Alternatively, you can brush your teeth before breakfast.
  4. Flossing – flossing is important to get to those hard to reach areas that a brush cant reach. Try flossing a couple of times a day straight after brushing.
  5. Water floss – If you find traditional flossing a little tiresome, there are a range of water flossers that can do a great job of helping keep your gums healthy and clean.
  6. Toothpaste – for adults and children over 7, try to use a toothpaste a fluoride toothpaste with 1500parts per million Fluoride (will be labelled 1500 ppm F- on the back). Many major brands will have this, but if you arent sure you can ask your local pharmacist for help. For those between 3-6 a pea sized amount should be used. Fluoride is important as it helps strengthen your teeth and prevent decay.
  7. Mouthwash – a common mistake people make when brushing is rinsing out with water or mouthwash straight after. This washes away the high concentration of fluoride from the teeth. It is ideal to spit out as much toothpaste as you can and not rinse out – all though this takes some getting used to! If you are going to use a mouthwash, do this at a different time to brushing, perhaps after a meal.
  8. Toothbrush – you can get a great clean with both an electric or manual toothbrush. However, I tend to find using an electric toothbrush takes a lot of effort out of brushing and I have been using an electric toothbrush for probably the last 10 years.
  9. What happens if you miss a session of brushing – its completely normal to forget to brush every now and then. If it is only very occasional, you probably wont have too many problems. Just get back to your normal twice a day habit as soon as you can.
  10. Bleeding gums – if you miss a spot in your brushing a few times you might notice that the gum in the area starts bleeding and is sore. Make sure you brush the area well and the bleeding should reduce in a couple of days. If the bleeding is coming from a previous extraction site or you have a bleeding disorder call us immediately (or NHS 111 out of hours).

If you have any questions about your dental hygiene, give us a call on 0207 229 4033

For more information on what to do if you have any dental problems during the lockdown, check out our handy guide here:

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