Missing Teeth

The average adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has approximately three decaying or missing teeth in their mouths. Sometimes, missing teeth are genetic. Baby teeth fall out, and adult teeth may not ever replace them.

If you have missing teeth, there are multiple reasons to replace them. Missing teeth affect the way you chew, can change the way you speak and can lead to other teeth shifting from their original spots. Bone loss may also be experienced around the site of the missing tooth. When you have a missing tooth, the jaw bone begins to shrink, and the gum pulls back. This causes surrounding teeth to weaken, which can lead to collapse.

In the case of missing teeth, there are a few restorative options to choose from:

Bridges can either be removable or fixed and are anchored to your adjacent teeth.

Dentures are an option if you’ve lost most of your teeth

Implants offer a natural look and a permanent solution

If you have missing teeth, our Dentists can recommend a personalised option to help restore your smile and confidence.

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