Inlays and Onlays

An Inlay is a pre-moulded filling that fits directly on top of your tooth, fitting into the grooves. An Inlay is used as a restorative device when a tooth is severely damaged, or if there is decay that doesn’t affect the cusps of the teeth.

Inlays are tooth-coloured, so you’ll hardly notice it’s there. These can replace any unsightly fillings you may currently have. Additionally, Inlays may improve the overall strength of a damaged tooth.

An Inlay is used when:

– Damage to the tooth is severe enough to require a filling so large it would weaken the structure of the tooth

– The damage is not extensive enough to require the removal of enough of the tooth’s structure to support a Crown.

A Dental Onlay is a method used to repair a tooth with extensive damage, and it extends onto the chewing surface of a back tooth and may replace one or more cusps. If an Onlay is required, your Dentist will give you a temporary one while waiting for your permanent Onlay to arrive.

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