A Crown is a restorative procedure where a tooth or Dental Implant is capped to protect it from continued damage. Sometimes a Crown is necessary when a large cavity is present, threatening the health and integrity of a tooth. Dental Crowns can also be used to fill gaps created by teeth that have moved out of place or missing teeth. A Crown is also beneficial in helping you bite and chew more efficiently.

Kai Dental offers Crowns made of a variety of materials, like porcelain or ceramic. Crowns are either bonded to the teeth or permanently implanted, both improving the strength and appearance of damaged teeth. This procedure is excellent for maintaining optimal dental health.

First, the dentist will take an impression of your tooth to create a mould. This guarantees your Crown seamlessly fits over your existing tooth, as well as look natural when you smile.

You may need a Crown if you:

– Have a broken, cracked, or worn tooth

– Need to maintain the structural stability of teeth that have already been restored by way of other procedures, such as a Root Canal

Your Dentist will help you decide which type of Crown is best for you based on your aesthetic preferences, as well as your budget.

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