During the time of COVID-19, managing toothache has become even more difficult. Due to the risk of transmission, dental practices are no longer able to see their patients for routine treatment. This means that many routine treatments that we would normally carry out to alleviate your concerns are not currently available.

However, even though our doors are closed and we are not able to see patients, we are still open for you. Our dentists are offering a free telephone advice service to help you through you dental problems. This service is available for both new and existing patients, no matter how big or small your concern.

The service is available from Monday – Friday 9am-6pm. Outside of these hours, you can use our handy guide (courtesy of Digmax Dental) below for some quick solutions.

Call us on 0207 229 4033 for FREE dental advice on how to manage your dental problems during the pandemic.

Managing your Toothache at Home

For more information on how to keep your teeth clean to prevent decay and gum problems, see our guide on maintaining your dental hygiene during the lockdown here: Lockdown dental hygiene tips

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