Corporate Scheme

Dental Health and your Employees

Access to good dental care is important in supporting your employees health. According to the Oral Health foundation, around one in 20 people took time off work last year due to oral health issues, costing the UK economy £105 million in sick days.

Around 45% off people are estimated having gum disease (British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy), which is linked to heart disease, stroke, and can be complicated by diabetes. The good news is that gum disease can be prevented or slowed with regular dental care.

Regular dental visits can also contribute to the early diagnosis of dental decay and other oral conditions, increasing the effectiveness of treatment.


How we Can Help

Here at Kai Dental, we are committed to improving the dental health of your employees. We are therefore proud to announce our Dental Corporate Scheme. To be eligible, patients just need to show a valid work I.D. or email address when they register at our practice.

Membership of our Corporate Scheme entitles your employees to:

-10% off selected private cosmetic dental treatments, such as whitening, composite bonding and veneers

-10% off teeth straightening treatments, such as fixed braces, Invisalign and lingual braces

-10% off selected private restorative treatments, including root canal treatment, crowns and bridges

-Weekend appointments for teeth straightening treatments


If you would like your company to joining our expanding coorporate scheme, please get in touch using the form below.


Under 18 Consultation
Teen Metal Braces
from £1400
Teen Ceramic Braces
from £2000
Teen Invisalign Braces
from £3300
Adult Consultation
£25 refundable deposit
Adult Metal Braces
from £1500
Adult Ceramic Braces
from £1700
Adult Invisalign Braces
from £1150
Adult Lingual Braces
from £4500
Removable Braces
from £500
Fixed Retainer
£300 (1) £500 (2)
Removable retainer
Repair Fixed Retainer (per tooth)
Vivera Retainers (Set of 3)

General Dentistry

New Patient Consultation (including 2x small xrays)
Comprehensive report + diagnostic models (for advanced cases)
Recall Examination
New Patient Emergency
Hygienist (per 30 mins)
Amalgam Fillings:
from £65
Cosmetic (tooth coloured) Fillings
from £80
Cosmetic (tooth coloured) Crowns
from £500 - £700
Gold Crown
from £600
Cosmetic Crown (Specialist)
from £920
Gold Crown (Specialist)
from £980
White Inlays and Onlays
from £450
Maryland Bridge
from £500 per tooth replaced
from £350
Specialist Denture
from £1340

Cosmetic Dentistry

Amalgam (Silver)
Composite (Cosmetic)
£80 to £150
Home Whitening
Zoom Whitening
Enlighten Whitening
Composite Veneer (per tooth)
from £400
Porcelain Veneer (per tooth)
from £550

Dental Implants

Implant (including crown or denture locator)
Bone Grafting or augmentation
from £740
Sinus Lift
from £1400
Soft Tissue Graft


Root Planing (per hour)
Periodontal surgery by sextant
from £650

Root Canal Treatment

Single Rooted tooth
from £250
from £350
from £450

Oral Surgery

Simple Extractions
Surgical Extractions (with sutures)
Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth

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