A missing tooth or teeth can be a significant concern, impacting both the beauty of a smile and its functionality. At Kai Dental, we encounter many seeking solutions for this issue.

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Causes and presentation of Missing Teeth

There are diverse reasons one might have a missing tooth. Accidents or trauma often lead to sudden tooth loss. In other cases, severe dental cavities or advanced gum disease result in extractions. Some individuals also have congenital absences, where certain teeth never develop.

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What problems can Missing Teeth lead to?

Aesthetically, a missing tooth can affect facial structure and appearance.

Functionally, it can impede efficient chewing, affect speech clarity, and even lead to bone loss in the jaw. Over time, adjacent teeth might drift into the empty space, leading to misalignments or bite issues. The longer one waits to address a missing tooth, the more complex the repercussions can become.

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Professional dentistry

How do we fix Missing Teeth

Kai Dental offers a range of comprehensive solutions tailored to individual needs. Dental implants, which act as artificial tooth roots, are often recommended for their longevity and functionality. For those looking for non-surgical options, dental bridges or partial dentures offer effective alternatives. Regardless of the chosen method, our primary goal is to restore the fullness and function of your smile.

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