Who can have Dental Implants?

Make unsightly gaps a thing of the past

Patients who have missing teeth are prime candidates for Dental Implants, be that one tooth or several teeth. Contact Us today to discuss your dental requirements.

Assessment & Clinical Needs

We have a team of experienced specialists who will be able to discuss your individual circumstances with you in complete confidence. Our specialists will conduct a thorough examination of your dental health and clinical needs, and will discuss with you the most appropriate form of treatment for you to restore your dental health fully.

Planning your dental treatment

If you have not yet lost any teeth but are suffering with severe gum disease or decay dental implants could be a solution. Before proceeding with any tooth extractions we will discuss your options with you in full. This is to ensure we provide the correct treatment for you. If you do need to have a tooth or several teeth removed we may be able to extract your teeth and place implants straight away to avoid any unsightly gaps.

Saving your remaining teeth

If you are facing extensive dental surgery Dental Implants could help save your remaining teeth. We will discuss your treatment plan with you taking into account your dental health and dental ambitions. Our team of specialist dentists provide expert help and advice to ensure you maintain optimal dental health for life.

If you are not currently registered with us, visit our New Patients page for more information and details of how to register. We look forward to welcoming you to our relaxing and comfortable clinic soon.

Worried about finances? We offer finance options to help you get the treatment to bring back your smile. To learn more visit our Financing your Treatment page for more information.