Root Canal Treatment

Specialist team well practiced in advanced treatments

Root canal treatment is often carried out to prevent you losing your tooth. It is a highly skilled dental procedure. The dental team here at Queensway Dental Care have the expertise to perform advanced root canal procedures.

Why you may need Root Canal treatment

Root canal treatment may be needed if the nerve of your tooth has become infected through decay or injury. If the nerve or blood supply – known as the pulp – becomes infected the infection can spread up through the root canal system of your tooth until it reaches the roots of your tooth. If this happens it will normally result in an abscess which can cause extreme pain.

What happens next?

Root canal treatment aims to clear the infection from your tooth and root canal. This can be a fairly time consuming procedure and is a very skilled technique. Your tooth is cleaned thoroughly and then filled with a filling to prevent any further infection. Root canal treatment can be painful, so to ensure your comfort during this procedure, a local anaesthetic is normally given to ensure you are pain free during your appointment.

Home Care

You may experience tenderness and soreness in your tooth and the surrounding area in the following days after your treatment. Over the counter pain killers should control the pain but if you are in severe pain or discomfort contact your dentist as soon as possible.

If you are suffering with tooth ache it is imperative you visit your dentist immediately. If you do not seek dental advice you could be making your situation worse.

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