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Please find price details of our comprehensive list of services below.

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Independent Fee Guide

New Patient oral health examination
(including small x-rays)
New Patient emergency consultation £60
Routine oral health examination £30
Digital X-Ray (small) £20
Hygiene Session £55
Amalgam (Silver) £80
Composite (Cosmetic) £80 to £150
Root Canal Treatment
Incisor £180
Premolar £280
Molar £350
Other Dental Treatments
Simple Extraction £100
Surgical Extraction with sutures £180
Extraction of Impacted Wisdom tooth £250
Crowns £600
Inlay / Onlay £250 to £450
Veneers (Composite) £250
Veneers (Porcelain) £450
Bridge per Unit £425
Acrylic based upper or lower £700
Chrome upper or lower £900
Implants simple cases £1,800
Implants by Specialist £2,300
New Patient Consultation £50
Ceramic (Tooth coloured) Brace single Arch From £2200 – £3000
Ceramic (Tooth coloured) Brace both Arches From £3500 – £4300
Invisalign From £1500 – £4800
Fixed Retainer £200 (per retainer)
Removable retainer £150 (per retainer)
Home Whitening Kit £250
Zoom Whitening with Take Home Kit £450


Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the prices on this page we cannot be held liable for any incorrect information.