Dental Implants

Missing teeth?

Maybe you have lost one or more of your teeth through a trauma to the face or through tooth decay; if you have you may be suffering with lack of confidence and feel very self-conscious. Studies have now proven that people with poor dental health are more than likely to suffer problems in their general health as well.

Giving you back your smile

Our specialist team at Queensway Dental Care can help restore your smile and your health. If you have one or missing teeth you could be suffering with a poor bite and your remaining teeth could also be affected. Our experienced team of dentists will assess your situation thoroughly and will create a treatment plan for you. You will be treated with the utmost care and understanding. If you have any concerns or questions we will discuss these with you to ensure you are completely comfortable with your treatment.

Are your dentures giving you problems?

If you suffer from poor fitting dentures, dental implants could be the perfect solution for you. Your dentures can be fitted by using implants to secure your dentures properly. Your dentures will no longer be loose and you will no longer be embarrassed about eating certain foods or suffer from pain.

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