About Us

Family run clinic embracing family values

When Queensway Dental Care was established back in 1999, the clinic was founded as a family run dentist, which embraced family values. These principles and values have not changed. Every member of staff is highly skilled, professional, warm and friendly. We pride ourselves on keeping the traditions the clinic was first opened with.

Comfortable, relaxing surroundings

All of our patients are encouraged to relax before their treatment in our comfortable, waiting room which is designed to enhance your dental experience. Our warm friendly team of staff are always on hand to discuss any aspect of your treatment. For our more nervous patients, we will take the time to listen to any concerns you may have and will take great care to ensure you are fully aware of any treatment and will ensure you are fully relaxed prior to any procedures beginning.

Multi-lingual Dentists to put you at ease

Based within the heart of London our practice regularly sees and treats patients from all nationalities. To help overcome any language barriers we have multi-lingual dentists who can help explain any procedure or treatment if needed. Our experienced dentists also have an instinct for understanding various cultures and traditions.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is far better than cure which is why we fully encourage all of our patients to have regular check-up appointments to ensure they enjoy great dental health. This modern approach to dentistry is called Preventative Dentistry which all of our dentists believe is the best form of dental care.

Our door is always open to our patients, no matter how small or what time of day you may need us, we are here to help you.
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